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What is an online store?

An online store is one of the most popular types of website. As it was already written above, an Internet site is a set of certain content. Today, an online store is a site where you can buy a product, i.e. the content of this site is the product, description, prices, and photos. The only difference between an online store and a regular site is the purpose of its creation.
If an online store is compared with a regular site where, for example, one product is sold, then the same online store is a site, but only with an assortment of 1 product.
In order to make a good online store, you need to think through the entire process of Commerce. From purchasing the product from suppliers to delivering the product to the end customer. Based on these business processes, you need to develop a project.

Why do I need an online store?

More and more people are buying products online – this is convenient. When shopping online, the buyer can review all the sites (online stores) that offer this product in a few hours. Compare them by price, delivery time, and purchase terms. Also view the promotions on the product and other interesting information. Unlike offline stores-online stores do not allow you to touch or try the product, however, now almost all stores allow you to return the product if you do not like it or do not fit. Therefore, the buyer is insured in any case.

How much does an online store cost?

The Cost of developing a good online store can reach billions of rubles. Market giants such as Ebay, Amazon, and Itunes value their stores in billions of dollars. Giants of the Russian market, such as Petrovich, 220 volts, Yulmart, Exist also estimate their stores in huge numbers. However, do not think that an online store is something exorbitantly expensive. During the development of the company and the volume of work, the cost of the store increases in parallel with the companys turnover.

Why do you need to order development from us?

We have extensive experience in developing online stores. This is very important for developing a large project. Communication with the customer, coordination of various complex and expensive developments is very important. We have made more than one store that we will be able to show at the meeting. these projects are interesting and unique. It is very important that your store is unique, that is, not like another. To do this, you need to immerse yourself in the project and think through a lot of things.
Choosing a management system and understanding the organizations business processes is also very important during the project development stages. Further maintenance and promotion of the project should be discussed at the site development stage. If you are going to develop your online store, call us and make an appointment.

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