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Website design

Site Design is necessary for any project. In the site design, you need to think through the colors and style of the project. Based on the site design, the site layout and project completion will take place. It is very important at the design and development stage of the project to make a complete good design.

What is site design?

Site Design is a set of images that visually show how the site will look. Site design is usually done in photoshop. The site design must include all the elements of the site that need to be placed on the project page. If the site is large, there is no need to draw all the pages, you can only draw the main pages of the site. For example: home page, category page, product profile page, contacts, text page, and so on. Based on these pages drawn, the project will be made up.
The sites style and colors must match the projects logo. If the company has a brand book, then you can draw a good website based on it.< / p>

Why do I need a website design?

Site Design is necessary in the development of the project. At the design stage, you can easily change the location of elements, see how the site will look, whether it will be convenient or not. The marketer will be able to assess whether all the information is presented in the project, or whether it is worth adding or subtracting something.
Site design must also be done for mobile devices. Now a large number of customers go to the companys website before buying a product. However, it is not always convenient to do this from desktops, sometimes it is more convenient to go from a mobile device, so you need to provide design development on mobile devices as well. Based on the site design, the project will be made up and stretched to the CMS management system.< / p>

How much does the site design cost?

The design Of the simplest site starts from 15,000 rubles. This amount includes the development of the main page and two internal pages. In the end, the customer receives the PSD files in which the project was developed. In General, the cost of project design is difficult to estimate before development, in the process of creating a design, there may be many pitfalls that need to be thought through, which will lead to an increase in the cost of the project. The more you work on the site design, the better the project will look in the end.

Why do you need to order a website design from us?

With extensive experience in project development, we can provide all the necessary elements of the site. A marketing approach to site design development will allow you to create a high-quality project. The project that will sell. It is very important that the site is a conversion site, because in the future, when the project will launch traffic, this will significantly save on the advertising budget.
It is very important to develop a good website design. The design should not be bright, the product that is being sold should be bright. However, the overall style and location of elements on the site will allow you to present the product correctly to the buyer.

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