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Google Adwords

Contextual advertising in Google AdWords has some differences from contextual advertising in Yandex direct. The first and most important thing is that advertising is carried out directly on Google search. CMS (contextual display network) Google differs both in entering the network and in controlling clicks, i.e. clicking.

What is Google Adwords?

Google Edwards is the Google display network. Similar to Yandex direct, this network allows you to place a site for advertising on the network. When a user enters queries into the search engine, the first ads displayed under the search are ads that are paid per click. Google carefully makes sure that the ads that are displayed for search queries match the subject of the query.
Google Edwards is gaining momentum and in addition to the contextual display network, Google also places ads on YouTube and the recently launched google shop.

Why do I need to advertise in Google Adwords?

Contextual advertising in Google Edwards will give a good increase in regular customers in a fairly short time. You can set up a company in a few days and launch an ad. Advertising under search will lead to a good interested audience and help a start-up company increase sales. But contextual advertising is not only for beginners, it is also useful for established organizations. Audience Google is significantly different from the audience of Yandex, so when advertising online it is best to advertise on sites like Google, and Yandex.

How much does Google Adwords advertising cost?

The Cost of advertising in Google AdWords, as well as advertising Yandex Direct, consists of the cost of clicks and cost of creating ads. You can also create ads yourself, but keep in mind that incorrectly configured ads will consume a large amount of your budget and will not work effectively. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you do not think that the channel is ineffective, but think about how to configure the channel so that it works as effectively as possible.

Why should I order Google Adwords from us?

Running ads in Google Adwords will bring the company a lot of new customers. An effectively configured company can generate significant revenue growth for the organization. We have extensive experience in managing and configuring ads in Google Edwards. We have options for working with a variety of activities. We will be able to set advertising goals correctly and keep performance reports.
Another advantage of running ads in Google is that by default, all devices, including browsers, display google search in the basic settings. This gives a significant increase in Google users.

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