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CMS-site content management system. The site management system is necessary for managing the site content. There are different types of site management systems, mostly they are distinguished by type: paid, free. Paid CMS have good protection from hacking, regular updates, and technical support. Free systems are open source, uploaded to the network, mostly free CMS earn on paid modules (extensions).

Why do I need a CMS?

The site management System allows you to perform a lot of work on project development without getting into the site code. If you imagine an Internet site in the context of its code, it is a set of characters that are difficult to understand for an ordinary person. In order for the site to be understood, it is displayed by an Internet browser that translates the code written by programmers into a display that is understandable to the average person. There are also some parts of the code that should not be touched at all. To work on the site, a CMS system is used, which also interprets what a person has written into code, which then interprets the browser. If you want to manage your site, you need a CMS.

How much does a CMS cost?

There are paid and free site management Systems. The most widely used paid site management system is Bitrix. Bitrix 1C is a daughter of THE well-known 1C warehouse accounting program. Bitrix became very popular during the development of e-commerce (online stores). It is very convenient to develop an online store on Bitrix when 1C is used for inventory accounting. The systems are perfectly synchronized with each other, and Bitrix also provides support. A large number of developers are exclusively engaged in projects on Bitrix.
Free systems include joomla, open card, wordpress, and others. Free CMS are publicly available on the Internet and can be downloaded by any user. However, free CMS does not always cover all the customers needs in the basic function, they earn money on additional modules. You can also develop these modules yourself with the help of programmers, or sew the desired functionality into the CMS code.

Why should I order a CMS from us?

With extensive experience in developing websites and CMS, we can write a website on any CMS. Almost all systems are familiar to us and we have good experience with most systems.

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