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Semantic core for the site

The Semantic core is necessary for the project if the project is being prepared for promotion. If your site does not plan to be promoted in search engines, there is no point in creating a semantic core. Sometimes customers suggest promoting the project through offline advertising or so-called "word of mouth". In this case, you may not need to do semantics.

What is the semantic core?

If your project is planning to be promoted in search engines at the development stage, then you need to think about the semantic core at the design stage of the project.
The semantic core is a list of queries that your potential customers would be interested in following to your site. The semantic core clusterizes user requests for individual landing pages. For example, "accounting services" and "bookkeeping" will be completely different queries, despite the fact that the user is actually looking for accounting services. Therefore, the site needs to provide several pages for different requests, where there will be one page for accounting services, and another for accounting. It is also necessary to further promote the project based on requests.

Why do I need a semantic core?

The Semantic core is necessary for the project that will be promoted in search engines. Semantics provides an understanding of how customers search for your product or service, I.e. what queries users enter, and what queries you can give a good response to visitors. It is important to understand that search engines closely monitor how projects are progressing. Search engines can see whether they are artificially attracting visitors to the site, or helping to make the search better. If the search engine determines that the site is gaining a rating, and does not respond to the request, the site may be sanctioned and thrown out of the search. If the search engine sees that the project really helps people and helps the search engine to become better, the search will give additional advantages to such a project.
Prepare your semantic core at the project development stage and get a large amount of shareware traffic. Dont forget that you are trying to make the search better, work on the site, improve it and everything will work out!

How much does the semantic core cost?

The cost of the semantic core starts from 15,000 rubles. Depending on how many requests you want to get, the cost of the semantic core depends on this. The more requests, the more expensive it is.
The semantic core is also useful when developing ads for contextual advertising. And for drawing up the stages of project promotion. The semantic core is very important for any project, order the semantic core, it is worth the money spent.

Why do I need to order a semantic core from us?

We have extensive experience developing projects at the development stage or collect the semantic kernel we will be able to plan the promotion phase of the project. It is very important to clustering queries according to topics, based on this, in the future will be designed in the project. It is important to filter out the so-called garbage requests, and select the most conversion requests that you will need to focus most of your advertising budget on.

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