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The development and promotion of sites

Do you need to develop a good website? You entered correctly! We will be happy to offer you the development of a website of any complexity, from a simple business card to a large Internet portal. Working with us, you get high quality services at affordable prices. Call, write, we will be happy to help.

Want a website? Where to start

1. Contractor selection.

to Start project development, of course, you need to select contractors. The right choice of specialists who will develop the site is very important.

2. Approval of the TOR (discussion of the project).

Without TK-the result of HZ, this is what they say in programming and development circles. It is important to specify all the terms of reference in the contract and agree on all possible improvements. At the same time, it is almost impossible to provide for everything in the contract, and it is important to understand how to work with the customer in emergency situations.

3. First steps.

When everything is agreed, you can start the project. The first steps in the project work will give a clear understanding of the agreed actions, communications and results. It is important to set a day and time for regular discussions about what has been done and what needs to be worked on.

4. Under implementation.

When it s too late to make changes, you either need to go back a step or figure out how to optimize what you ve done. In any case, always starting some small task you need to understand where it ends.

5. Is there a "light at the end of the tunnel"? The logical conclusion of the development.

When some of the work is done, there is usually a desire to do even more, but this will not work within a single budget. It is better to finish the project before a certain stage, and then start updating. For example, version 1.1, 1.2. After completing the project, you need to simultaneously start updating the project and launch promotion.

The promotion and maintenance of the project

Project Maintenance is regular work related to identifying project weaknesses, bugs and errors, and SOFTWARE updates. Promotion of the project essentially is to buy traffic from different resources and evaluation. Maintenance and promotion of the website is a very important procedure that requires regular funding from the customer. If no one is working on the site, then after a while it will be outdated and incorrect, and the site is the face of the company - do not allow this.

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We are so confident in the quality of our work that our company is pleased to offer you a lifetime warranty on web applications developed by us. An important condition for providing a guarantee is: non-interference with the source code written by our company, not changing the hosting platform, programming language versions, signed acts of work performed, etc. By guarantee, we mean exactly the current functionality of the project (at the time of delivery of the project). To receive warranty work, you need to provide: a signed contract (contract number), as well as a list of tasks (what are you working on in the project wrong) by email: