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Site development

What is site development?

Website development is a set of activities related to the development of a web resource on the Internet. To create a really good website, you need to use a number of specialists (marketer, designer, layout designer, programmer, copywriter, content Manager).
You need to understand the goals of creating a site and develop a technical task. As a rule, site development consists of several stages (for example, building a house: filling the Foundation, building walls, roof, Windows, doors, interior decoration).

Stages of site development: marketing development, technical specifications, website design (brand book), layout layout, stretch on cms, programming, testing;

Why do I need to develop a website?

The main task of the site is to represent the company on the Internet. It is not always possible to get acquainted with the company in real life. This may be due to a lack of time or other reasons. On the company s website, you can understand what it is, what products or services it produces, study the terms of delivery, and so on. The company s website is its face.
There are different types of sites depending on their purpose: business card site, corporate site, service site, online store, web portal, and so on. Accordingly, it depends on the purpose of creating the site.

How much does it cost to develop a website?

The cost of site development depends on the amount of time spent on the project, multiplied by the number of specialists involved in the project. The cost of the project for each individual case is discussed individually.

Why do you need to order site development from us?

We have experience in developing various projects, from small business card sites to large online stores. Our specialists have all the necessary tools to develop a high-quality project. Our main advantage is maximum immersion in the project from the marketing point of view.

  1. Understanding the product and target audience (your product will be packaged)
  2. Understanding the unmet needs of the target audience (we will invite the audience to buy your product and solve their need or desire)
  3. Moments of time when there is a need for a product (we know that people at night sit on the Internet and search for your product, like that " a spoon is the way to dinner»)
  4. Understanding how your customers are currently meeting their needs and what they don t like about it< / li> < li>Knowledge of how to offer your target audience to meet their needs with your product< / li> < li>Knowledge of how to calculate efficiency and what to modify in the product.

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