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Yandex direct

Yandex direct Contextual advertising is familiar to many. The essence of this ad is shown in Yandex search results or (and) on advertising platforms. Yandex has been offering this type of advertising for Internet projects for a long time. The cost (budget) of advertising and its effectiveness are very important indicators for advertisers, and proper configuration of the advertising company can give a good increase in customers and revenue for the organization.

What is Yandex Direct?

Yandex direct is an advertising system that allows you to place site ads on both the search results and partner sites of the Yandex advertising network (Yan). Yandex direct advertises sites, i.e. the url, without a site, the advertising company can be configured, but the link will be to the Yandex page (vcard). This page has very poor functionality, so of course it is recommended to run ads in Yandex direct, if there is a site. Yandex Direct is an advertising system that can quickly generate a large amount of traffic to your site. Which is very convenient for companies at the start-up. One of the important advantages of the system is that you can set up an advertising company for different regions. For example, if you are in Moscow, you can set up an advertising company for Nizhny Novgorod and Vice versa.

Why do I need to advertise in Yandex Direct?

Yandex direct helps sites at the start-up stage to get their first clients very much. If SEO promotion in the natural output is a complex and lengthy procedure, then you can launch an ad in in a few hours. And start a good dig for a few weeks.
Yandex direct provides the necessary traffic and allows you to manage it flexibly. Maybe there is a situation that some queries dont get beaten out in the top, in this case direct closes this need. And of course, Yandex traffic and output are the main advantages of an advertising company.

How much does Yandex Direct advertising cost?

The cost of advertising in Yandex direct consists of two variables. The first is the cost of clicks themselves, i.e. what goes directly to Yandex. The cost per click is not a constant value, it depends on the subject and competition in the subject. For example, the cost per click for "guitar lessons" and the cost per click for "accounting services" will be very different. In the first case, the price can be 1.3 rubles. in the second case, it can reach 500 rubles per click.
The second component of an advertising company in Yandex. direct is the cost of setting up and running companies. If you are not familiar with Yandex direct settings, you have two options. The first is to learn how to set up a company, for this you need to enroll in our courses. The second is to entrust the management of the company to professionals. We do not recommend running ads if you are not familiar with the settings, you can simply merge the budget into nowhere, get disappointed in the channel and not run such a cool advertising channel.

Why should I order advertising in Yandex Direct from us?

We have been developing and managing projects for a long time. During this time, we have set up more than one ad. We know many of the intricacies of setting up advertising campaigns. We can manage the budget of advertising companies and manage the number of incoming leads by increasing or decreasing these indicators.
If you feel a drawdown on the channel or you need to increase your indicators, feel free to contact us, we will make a semantic core with a list of queries and parse the advertising company for you.

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