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Brand book

For many organizations, such a book will at first glance be absolutely unnecessary. However, if you think about it, it is very useful and profitable for the organization, you will not need to develop separate banners for each advertising platform, everything will be in one book.

What is a brandbook?

Brand book translated from English book of the brand. A brandbook is a file where your advertising materials will be displayed. These can be banners of different sizes and with different images. In this book, they will be mapped to the technical requirements of banners are understandable for the designer. The brandbook also provides other banners, but retains the General style.
The book will display the organizations fonts. In different situations, you may need different font options. For example, capital letters or bold font. Usually, a brandbook provides two types of fonts, but there are no clear requirements for developing a brandbook, so there may be more fonts.

Why do I need a brand book?

Any organization needs a brand Book to place its advertising materials on various platforms. Usually, when ordering an ad, the ad medium specifies the size in which it can be placed, for example, a banner. The platform provides space for a banner size of 200 by 500 pixels. This size should correspond to the banner, so as not to develop the banner every time.for this purpose, there is a brand book that specifies how to place elements on the banner, for example, 200 by 500 pixels.
This is the same situation, for example, with business cards. As the company develops, the number of employees increases, which leads to the need to create business cards for each of the employees. When the brand book specifies exactly how business cards should look, there is no need for the printing company to develop the design of business cards. The design of business cards and the location of elements on it can simply be taken from the brandbook. Also, for example, for outdoor advertising banners.

How much does it cost to develop a brandbook?

The cost of developing a brand book starts from 15,000 rubles. For a General understanding of the organizations styles and colors, you need to start developing a brand book with a single element, such as a logo. If the organization already has colors and corporate identity, then you can use existing colors to structure and optimize it.
The cost of a brand book is fully justified. in the future, the brand book will save a large amount of money and time for the organization.

Why should I order a brand book from us?

A brand book should be Developed by a truly experienced organization. And we will be able to develop a good brand book with a lot of experience. Do not save money on a brand book, because by making a brand book once in the future, you will save time and nerves of designers who will develop your advertising materials.
A brand book is necessary for every organization. if you dont have one yet, feel free to order the development of your brand book for your organization.

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