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Site maintenance

The Site requires regular maintenance, starting with hosting and domain payments and up to daily updates. For example, the content of an online store is constantly updated, this is due to the fact that products are purchased and balances are reduced or new products appear in the assortment, prices change, and more.
As you know, search engines also like when sites are updated with fresh content. It may seem strange if the site is not updated. Since everything changes and is updated over time, any company operating in the market regularly makes changes to its work.

What is site maintenance?

Site maintenance includes a set of specific procedures, such as site back-up (restoring a saved database and site files). A site that is under maintenance can make both daily back-UPS and once a month. Updating the site management system is also part of site maintenance. Extension of hosting and domain.
The server part of the project is a separate story, because a small site that is located on a domain can be maintained there. However, hosting providers rarely leave their phones, so if the" site lies " to call the company providing hosting will be problematic. Site back-UPS are often an additional service that you will need to pay for, but due to saving money on a startup, many merchants save money and do not purchase this service. We believe it is very important that the site is maintained. in case of any problems with accessing the site, the problem can be solved with a single call.

How much does site maintenance cost?

The cost of site maintenance may vary, from 2,000 rubles a year to the amount necessary to cover this need. On large projects, there is a whole team of administrators who monitor the performance of the project. As a rule, in such cases, monitoring is conducted 24 hours and I work in shifts. In this case, the site will always be under supervision. The lower-cost option requires less human labor and is therefore cheaper. Quite simple sites that lie on the hosting service hosting companies that have several people on the staff for a large number of sites.

Why do you need to order site maintenance from us?

When Ordering site maintenance from us, you spend the optimal budget for site maintenance. With the increasing load on the project, we will be able to select the necessary equipment and team. At the start-up stage, we will be able to manage with a small cost of site maintenance.

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