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Developing a website for services requires a lot of work for the marketer. Usually our clients are people who do their job well, but most of them dont understand why. When we put everything on the shelves at a meeting, then customers understand why they are doing well. And also where you can move on to become even better. This is a very interesting and exciting moment. Starting a business in the service sector is very important to keep the quality and price despite changing environmental factors.

What is a "Services" site?

The site for services requires a large amount of preparatory work. At the stage of site development, queries are parsed and already at the stage of compiling the semantic core, we understand exactly how to package the product. Many customers do not understand what it means to pack a product, so they do not understand how to present it to the customer.
In fact, the same service can be sold in different ways. Take for example accounting services. In the mind of a customer who is interested in this service, there is an understanding that they need accounting services and the buyer begins to enter queries on the Internet, such as accounting services. Then the buyer sees that on many sites the services are divided: accounting services for sole proprietors, accounting services for LLC. For example, the buyer has an LLC. And then there is a division into the tax system of the UTI, USN, OSNO. Here the buyer understands that he is interested in accounting services for LLC on the USN in St. Petersburg, for example. And this is the type of query the buyer enters into the search engine.
Then the customer evaluates the service in terms of cost and ease of use. For example, the company is located nearby and the prices are average. In this case, the call to this company occurs. This is in a nutshell.

Why do I need a site for services?

Services account for the lions share of the money turnover segment. There are various services: medical services, taxi services, website development and promotion services. Every day, a huge number of people use the services.
A good and inexpensive service is not so easy to find. Customers are increasingly using the Internet to search for services. This is convenient. You can read reviews about the service, compare types of services in different companies, and compare prices for services.

How much does the site cost for services?

The cost of a site for services is usually lower than the development of an online store. A service site usually doesnt have complex integrations or codes. The site for services consists of a page with text and photos, you can implement a form of registration for services and payment is possible. But as a rule, customers prefer to receive calls from customers on the phone and do not implement such systems.
The cost of a site for services consists of site development, i.e. code and the work of a marketer for product packaging. It is very important to make a high-quality project for services, because there will be many pitfalls at the development stage, it is important to pay due attention to every nuance.

Why should I order a website for services from us?

Extensive experience in developing sites for services allows us to say with confidence that we can develop a site for any service that is useful for people. Having an experienced marketer in our team, we will be able to package your service and set up high-quality traffic for it. Receiving calls and signing up for the service is the ultimate goal of the project. During project development

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